Click Projects or Clients in the navigation menu, then click New Project or New Client.
Please note: You need to have Manager or higher permissions to create projects or clients. Please contact an administrator in your account if you need increased permissions.
You will see 3 options on the New client form:
 • Name - The name of your project or client.
 • Color - Assigns a color to your client. This works in conjunction with the Color by client option in the Schedule section that lets you easily see bookings made for specific clients.
 • Notes - Add information or links related to the client here.
The New project form has similar options, except it has an additional Client field where you can specify which client the project belongs to.
There is also a Project code field on the New project form. This field is prepopulated with an automatically generated code, but you can edit it manually if you’d prefer to enter your own code.
Finally, you will find a Billable default option which lets you specify whether bookings for this project should be Billable or Non-billable by default. You can override this default setting when you create a booking.

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