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I got invited to join a Resource Guru account - where do I start?
I got invited to join a Resource Guru account - where do I start?
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Resource Guru is a scheduling app which helps teams all over the world to master their time. With optimised resource utilization, organisations can improve project planning, enhance team collaboration and increase profitability - all whilst helping their teams to maintain the right work/life balance.

The first step on your scheduling journey is to click the link within the invitation email to join your team’s account. After following the link you can set a password, double check your details and upload a picture of yourself. You can edit your profile over in your Settings.

What can I do?

When you first visit the app you’ll be taken to your personal Dashboard. If your team has already created bookings for you, you’ll see them here, as well as in the Schedule, as shown below. Click on any booking to see further details.

Check that you’ve signed up to receive the daily schedule email and booking notifications so you’re always up to date with your schedule. And if you need to make changes to bookings but you don’t have sufficient permissions, please reach out to an administrator in the account: they will be able to increase your permissions if required.

Adding time off via the Dashboard

If you have permission to add your own time off via your personal Dashboard you’ll see the Add Time Off button in the right hand panel. Please note that if you don’t have sufficient permission within the Schedule, you won’t be able to amend a time off event created through the Dashboard. In this scenario you’d need to ask someone with sufficient permissions to make any adjustments on your behalf.

Reviewing bookings and resolving clashes

Click on the Waiting List or Tentative buttons to review bookings which aren’t yet confirmed. And if your team has activated the approvals workflow, you can click Approvals to review bookings which are approved, declined or pending approval.

From the left hand panel of the Dashboard you can sync your Resource Guru bookings with an external calendar. Two-way syncing is available with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. You can also opt to subscribe to your Resource Guru bookings via a one-way iCal feed.

Next to the Sync to Calendar button you can find the filters menu. Filters let you focus on specific bookings. You can choose to hide or display your bookings or waiting list bookings, or bookings which you’ve made for others.

When you have Basic User permissions, you won’t see the Approval, Waiting List or Tentative tab, and the filters menu will only display Bookings For You and Waiting List Bookings.

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