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Using saved filters to book multiple people at once
Using saved filters to book multiple people at once

Add public holidays, team-based events or company-wide time off

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So, you’d like to quickly schedule a booking or time off event for everyone in a specific team? No problem! It’s easy to create multi-resource bookings, but by using saved filters you can make the process even quicker.

To create a saved filter, just apply the relevant filters in the Schedule (you can add as many as you like), then click Save at the top of the Filters window. Be sure to give the filter a meaningful name; for example, if we’ve filtered all people in creative roles who are based in Canada, we might call the saved filter "Creative Team - Canada". You’ll see all saved filters listed down the left side of the Filters window.

Now that we’ve saved a filter for our creative team in Canada, it’s really quick and easy for us to schedule them for the same booking at once. Just click on the saved filter and then create a booking. Whilst on the Booking/Time off form, click the People or Resources field and choose Currently filtered from the options menu, as shown above.

Saved filters can speed up the process of booking whole teams at once, and it works for time off too; so closing the office for the holidays is just a few clicks away!

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