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Scroll left or right to view dates in the past or future, or scroll up and down to move through your list of resources. Another way to get around is to right-click and drag your way around the schedule. The schedule offers infinite scrolling, so there’s no need to pause and click any “load more” buttons.

Use the date navigation to jump to specific months or years. And, you can always return to the current date by clicking Today.
You can also zoom in and out depending on how much detail you want to see.

Your availability bars can be hidden if required. To hide or display them, just click the button next to the Color by setting. Your preferences will be remembered.

Guru Tip

Users with View Themselves Only permissions for the Schedule will be able to see their own bookings on their Dashboard as well as on the Schedule. They won’t be able to create or edit bookings, and filters won’t be visible to them.

Click the Color by option to view bookings by the color of either the project, client, or booker.

The calendar icon lets you choose which external events are displayed to you on the schedule. External events are those which have come from Outlook or Google Calendar via the 2-way calendar sync feature.

  • If you choose All you will see the external calendar events for anyone in your account who has synced Resource Guru with Outlook or Google Calendar. You will not be able to see the full details of other people’s events; these will remain visible only to them.

  • If you choose Mine Only, everyone else’s external calendar events will be hidden, and you will only see events from your own Outlook or Google Calendar.

  • If you choose None, all external calendar events will be hidden.

Your preferences will be remembered even if you log out, and they will not affect what other people see in the account; this setting is specific only to you.

Guru tip

When you’re in the Schedule, simply type G for Go, then type any letter or number on your keyboard to jump straight to people or resources that begin with that letter or number. For example, type G then T to jump straight to Tom.

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