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Dashboard overview
Dashboard overview
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The Dashboard is a great place for everyone to see their personalized schedule—people see only the bookings to which they’ve been assigned, while managers see any resources that they’ve booked.

Because it’s personalized for everyone, each person you invite into your account will have access to their own Dashboard—regardless of the permissions they have. This means that there is no need to keep emailing schedules to people. Instead, they can simply log in to see the most up-to-date schedule.
Today’s calendar events are shown by default, but it’s easy to see all events for the week by clicking on Week view. Use the arrows on either side of the Day/Week view button to skip forward or backward to the next day or week.

To jump back to the current day or week, click Today.

If your bookings are truncated, just click on them to see all the details. And if you need to see calendar events for other people in your account (and you have the correct permissions), you can do so in the Schedule.

Viewing time off or downtime on the Dashboard

Any scheduled time off or downtime is displayed in black boxes on the Dashboard.

People with View permissions for time off (like Basic Users) will only see time off they are booked on.
People with Manage Own or higher permissions will see both time off they are booked on as well as time off or downtime where they are the Booker.

Waiting list

Resource Guru features a clash management engine that prevents overbookings. If a resource doesn’t have enough availability to accommodate a booking, the booking can be added to the Waiting List as an unconfirmed booking and resolved at a later date. This can be very useful for capacity planning and helps to identify resources where demand outstrips availability.

If you are the Booker of any unconfirmed bookings on the Waiting List, you will see an expanded list of bookings on your Dashboard that are ready to be resolved.

You can resolve bookings by clicking Resolve now, then rescheduling the booking to a time when the resource is available or to another resource altogether.

To view all Waiting List bookings, simply click the Waiting List link where you can then click the All tab.
If you don’t have any bookings on the Waiting List, it will be collapsed by default.
Please note that Waiting List bookings prior to today’s date will not be displayed on the Dashboard Waiting List. They will, however, still appear in the Schedule and in the Reports.

Tentative bookings

Tentative bookings are bookings which may or may not go ahead; they’ve been pencilled in but are as yet unconfirmed.

If you are the Booker of any tentative bookings, you will see an expanded list of your tentative bookings on the Dashboard. Just click Review to see the booking on the Schedule, and to confirm or edit the booking as required.

To view all tentative bookings in your account, click the All tab.

If you're not the booker of any tentative bookings, this section will be collapsed by default. You can expand it by clicking Show tentative bookings. If you have sufficient permissions, you’ll be able to see all tentative bookings in your account.

Please note that tentative bookings which are scheduled for dates in the past will not be displayed on the Dashboard. They will, however, still appear in the Schedule and in the Reports.

Approving and declining bookings via the Dashboard

If your team has enabled the approval feature, and you are an approver, you can review, approve or decline booking requests from within your Dashboard.

Just click on the green thumbs up icon to approve a booking, or the red thumbs down icon to decline it.

When declining a booking, you’ll have the option to specify a reason so the booker knows why the booking couldn’t be approved.

To view bookings which are pending approval from other approvers, click on the options menu and then choose Switch Approver.

If you need to change the status of an approved or declined booking, just switch between the relevant tabs and then use the options menu to move the booking into a declined or approved state.

Guru tip

Anyone can be an approver, even those with Dashboard only access. So, if you work with freelancers who need to accept the bookings you make for them, but you don’t want to give them full access to the Schedule, that’s no problem. Just set their permissions accordingly and make them an approver for themselves; they can then approve any bookings which are made for them via their personal Dashboard, without having to access the Schedule.

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