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Learn how to make the most of the Projects & Clients section

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The Projects & Clients section of Resource Guru lets you quickly manage your projects and clients in one central location. Seamlessly switch between projects and clients using the tabs shown above, and order things the way you like by clicking on any column header to sort by that column. For example, to see all your projects grouped by client just click the Client Name header.

All people and resources booked for a project will be displayed under the Assigned People & Resources column. Click on any of the rows in this column to expand them, and then click on any of the people or resources listed to see their full details.

Use the Search field to quickly focus on projects or clients that you’re interested in.

When reviewing the Clients section, you can click in the Projects column to quickly expand a list of projects belonging to that client.

After expanding a client's projects, click on any of them to see or edit the details. Just like the changes you make in the Schedule, the Projects & Clients section supports inline editing, so there are no clunky “save” buttons to navigate when you make changes.

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