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Have you ever wanted a clearer view of who’s booked for a specific project or client, and when those bookings are taking place? Well, look no further because the Group By feature will give you exactly that!

When you use the Group by feature, you’ll see only the people who are booked for the projects or clients that are listed. Bookings those people have for other projects or clients are faded into the background. This means you now have a very clear view of the project timeline while also being aware of people’s other work commitments or time off. Let’s take a look at how it works.

To group your resources, head over to the Schedule and click on the Filter/Group field. From here you can choose whether to group by Project or Client.

Whilst you can use the Group by feature alone, you probably won’t want to see all of your projects at once. So, just apply any relevant filters to really hone in on what you’re looking for. In the above example I can see all the engineering time which has been booked for the projects I’m managing. To get this view I filtered by Job title to display only the engineers, and also by Projects to show only the work I’m responsible for. Then I grouped by Project.

In the grouped view of the schedule, you can click on the icon next to the project or client name to expand the details and make any quick edits.

Groups will be expanded by default, but you can collapse or expand them manually by clicking on any of the project or client bars.

Finally, to remove any grouping, just open the Filter/Group menu and choose None in the Group By section.

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