There are two simple ways to create a booking:
 1. Click and drag across the days you want to book
 2. Click on one day, then edit the dates if necessary

Please note: You will need sufficient permissions in order to make bookings. Please contact an administrator in your account if you need increased permissions.

Getting to know the New Booking form

Resource - The resource you want to book. To change the resource assigned to a booking, just click on the resource’s image on the New Booking form. You can also move bookings and time off from one resource to another by dragging them on the calendar. Please note: Only one resource can currently be allocated to each booking.
Duration/Specific time - There are 2 types for bookings you can make:

  • Duration - Example: You want to book someone for 4 hours on Wednesday but you don’t want to specify the time. You would simply enter 4 hours.
  • Specific time - Example: You want to book someone for a meeting between 9–10 am. Just click Specific time and enter the time range.

Project/Client - Where Project or Client is specified for a booking, if required. If your account has sufficient permissions, you can also create new projects and clients directly in the New booking form by selecting New project or New client in this drop down menu.

  • When creating a New project on the fly, the Projects code field will prepopulate with an automatically generated code. You can manually edit this to replace or remove the code if required.

Billable/Non-billable - You can specify whether a project is billable or non-billable over in the Projects section. So, when you create a new booking, and select a project, it will automatically adopt this setting. However, if you need to override that status for an individual booking, that’s no problem. Just toggle between Billable or Non-billable as required.
Details - Extra information or links related to the booking.
Booker - The person who made the booking. You can change this to another resource if you’d like to reassign responsibility for the booking. The booker and the resource for whom the booking was made will both see the booking on their Dashboard.

Guru Tip

The New Booking form will default to the duration that you last used—saving you from repeatedly entering the same information.

Booking your resources

Single day bookings

To create a single day booking, find the resource you want to book, then click on the date you want to make the booking for. The New Booking form will be displayed; enter your booking details, then click Add Booking.

Multi-day, repeating bookings

To create a booking that spans multiple days, click and drag across the days that you want to book and the New booking form will be pre-populated with the dates you selected.

The details and duration of the booking will be the same for each day within the date range of the booking, but you can split multi-day bookings up later if you need to.

Repeat bookings

To create a repeat booking (for example, a booking which occurs every Wednesday), click Add Repeat when creating your booking.

Choose whether you want the booking to repeat Weekly, Every 2 weeks, Monthly or Annually, or set a custom repeating pattern.

You then have the option to specify whether the repeat booking should end on a specific date, or after a certain number of occurrences.

Guru Tip

By clicking and dragging over two or more days in a row, you’ll create a daily repeat booking (for example, a booking which occurs at 9am every day). We call these events multi-day bookings. You can still set a multi-day booking to repeat, so it’s easy to add a booking which occurs every Monday and Tuesday, and repeats each week.

And if you have a number of resources who need to be booked for the same repeat booking, just filter to the relevant resources, create your repeat booking once, and then use SHIFT+drag to copy the booking to your other resources.

If you create a booking which spans any existing time off, the booking will automatically skip the time off just like it does with other non-working days, such as the weekend. You’ll see a notification like this one, just to give you the heads up.

If you create a repeat booking which clashes with any existing bookings, you’ll see a booking clash warning and will have the option to add the clashed booking/s to the Waiting List.

Booking clashes

If your booking clashes with either an existing booking or doesn’t fit within the resource’s availability, you will see a clash warning. You will then have the option to edit the booking, add it with overtime or add it to the Waiting List. This helps to ensure that resources are not overbooked. 

Adding bookings on weekends or other non-working days

There are times when working on a weekend is simply unavoidable. Plans sometimes go haywire and deadlines need to be met. So, we’ve made it easy to allocate work to people on non-working days.

When you add the booking, you will see options to either add the booking to the Waiting List or add it with overtime.

Work added to weekends defaults to overtime. But, you can simply remove it with the slider if you want to. We would urge you to track overtime where appropriate though to ensure colleagues aren’t being overworked.

Please use this feature wisely!

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