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2-way syncing between Outlook and Resource Guru
2-way syncing between Outlook and Resource Guru

Send and receive events between Resource Guru and Outlook Calendar

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Our calendar integration allows you to import Outlook calendar events from Microsoft into Resource Guru, and send Resource Guru events to Outlook; so you can ensure seamless scheduling without clashes, no matter where your time is booked.

New bookings and changes to existing events are automatically updated in the connected account, so you’ll never have to worry about being out of sync.

A few things to note:

  • Imported calendar events won’t affect your availability or utilisation.

  • The full details of imported events will only be visible to you. Other people will just see the dates and times of your imported events.

  • External events sent into Resource Guru are read-only.

  • Changes to Resource Guru events should be made from within Resource Guru only, and not from within an external calendar. Any changes to date, time, title or description outside of Resource Guru will be lost when the event is synced. Notifications and attendees will not be lost.

  • If your time zone in Resource Guru is different to the time zone you use in Outlook, there could be a discrepancy between the time shown for events across the two apps.

To set up 2-way syncing between Resource Guru and Outlook, visit the Dashboard and then click Sync to calendar.

You’ll be shown a window where you can set up a full 2-way integration between Resource Guru and Outlook, or subscribe to your Resource Guru schedule via a 1-way iCal URL. Click Connect to set up the 2-way integration.

A new window will appear; enter your Microsoft credentials and then click Next.

You’ll now be taken to your Settings in ​​Resource Guru, where you can choose which calendars to import. When you are happy with your selection, click Done to complete the integration.

Voilà! You’ll now see your events from Outlook appear alongside your bookings in Resource Guru, and vice versa.

Guru tip

Outlook hides new calendar integrations by default, so it’s important to make sure your Resource Guru calendar is selected in the side panel shown above, in order for your Resource Guru events to be shown in Outlook.

If you are using the Outlook desktop app you may find that your Resource Guru calendar is shown side by side with your Outlook calendar once you’ve connected them. In order to overlay the calendars, go to Outlook’s Navigation Pane and ensure that your Resource Guru calendar is displayed. Then, in the calendar tab click the arrow to View in Overlay Mode.

Your Resource Guru calendar will now be in overlay mode with the calendar you first opened; usually your default Outlook calendar.

Booking clashes

If time booked in Outlook clashes with bookings made in Resource Guru, or if the total booked hours exceeds someone’s total availability, the affected day/s will be highlighted so you can quickly spot any potential issues.

Please note that clashes with bookings from external calendars will not cause the booking clash warning to be displayed; this warning will only be shown when there are clashes between Resource Guru bookings. So, it’s important to look out for any red highlighting if you’re booking someone who also has bookings in an external calendar.

Guru tip

Imported events will be displayed in red if the person is busy, or in green if the person remains available. If you have imported public holidays whilst syncing your calendar, these events will generally indicate that you are still available.

Editing or removing a calendar integration

To edit or remove a calendar integration, click on your picture in the top right corner of the app and then choose Settings > Calendar Integrations. Now click on the cog next to the integration you want to change.

To edit the integration, toggle the available options to choose which events will be imported to your Resource Guru schedule, and then click Done.

To remove the integration, click on the options menu and then click Remove Connection and confirm your choice. ​​Removing the connection will remove imported calendar events from Resource Guru and remove exported Resource Guru events from Outlook.

Guru tip

Not all teams need to see all the external events that their colleagues have booked via other calendars. So, the calendar icon on the schedule lets you choose which external events are displayed to you. External events are those which have come from Outlook or Google Calendar via the 2-way calendar sync feature.

  • If you choose All you will see the external calendar events for anyone in your account who has synced Resource Guru with Outlook or Google Calendar. You will not be able to see the full details of other people’s events; these will remain visible only to them.

  • If you choose Mine Only, everyone else’s external calendar events will be hidden, and you will only see events from your own Outlook or Google Calendar.

  • If you choose None, all external calendar events will be hidden.

Your preferences will be remembered even if you log out, and they will not affect what other people see in the account; this setting is specific only to you.

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