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To create a repeat booking (for example, a booking which occurs every Wednesday), click Add Repeat when creating your booking.

Choose whether you want the booking to repeat Weekly, Every 2 weeks, Monthly or Annually, or set a custom repeating pattern.

You then have the option to specify whether the repeat booking should end on a specific date, or after a certain number of occurrences.

Guru Tip

By clicking and dragging over two or more days in a row, you’ll create a daily repeat booking (for example, a booking which occurs at 9am every day). We call these events multi-day bookings. You can still set a multi-day booking to repeat, so it’s easy to add a booking which occurs every Monday and Tuesday, and repeats each week.

And if you have a number of resources who need to be booked for the same repeat booking, just filter to the relevant resources, create your repeat booking once, and then use SHIFT+drag to copy the booking to your other resources.

If you create a booking which spans any existing time off, the booking will automatically skip the time off just like it does with other non-working days, such as the weekend. You’ll see a notification like this one, just to give you the heads up.

If you create a repeat booking which clashes with any existing bookings, you’ll see a booking clash warning and will have the option to add the clashed booking/s to the Waiting List.

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