Creating multi-resource bookings
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Need to create a booking for multiple resources at once? No problem! Maybe you want to book several people for a client meeting. Or a photo shoot team with equipment. Or perhaps you have a weekly team meeting you want all managers to attend. With multi-resource bookings, you can quickly and easily create and edit bookings for a number of resources at the same time.

Just click or click and drag on the schedule to create your booking as normal, then click in the resource field on the New Booking form.

Manually choose the resources you want to book, or click on the options menu to automatically select Currently Filtered resources, All People, All Resources, or to clear your selection. Then, once you've finished entering the booking details, click Add Booking.

Guru tip

Resource Guru displays time zone and DST changes in your Schedule. If you create a multi-resource booking which spans a change like this, you can rest assured that the meeting time will be accurately reflected on the schedule and in the daily schedule emails. For example, if you’ve scheduled a daily meeting for a team that is distributed across the UK and South Africa, and the meeting takes place at 9:30am UK time, your colleagues in South Africa would see the booking scheduled at 11:30am local time. When the UK moves into Daylight Savings Time, that booking would automatically change to 10:30am local time for attendees in South Africa, whilst remaining at 9:30am for UK attendees. This means that even with the complexity of clock changes, you can rest assured that your team will always see accurate booking times on the schedule.

Example: adding a daily repeating meeting

This example demonstrates how to book a specific team for a daily repeating meeting.

First, filter your team and then click and drag over the days you want to book for the weekly repeat.

Click on the resource field and select Currently Filtered from the options menu. This will add all of the filtered team members to the booking.

Next, specify the time of the booking and add a weekly repeat.

After adding any other details, click Add Booking. The bookings will then appear on the schedule for all of the filtered resources.

Example: a weekly project management meeting

To add a weekly management meeting, click on the date you want to book and then click in the resources field to add other people to the booking. You can either choose people manually, or follow the above example to quickly add groups of people.

Specify the duration or time of your booking, and then click Add Repeat.

Select Weekly from the dropdown menu, then specify how long you want the booking to repeat for.

Finally, add the Project/Client, billable status and any other details if required.

Once you’ve clicked Add Booking you’ll see the booking appear on the schedule for all of the people selected.

Guru tip

If you try to create a booking which would result in more than 10,000 days being booked, you’ll see a message like this:

You will only hit this limit if your booking repeats for a very long time, for a lot of resources. The easiest way to bring your booking within the limit is to reduce the number of repeats. Alternatively, you can reduce the date range or number of resources on the booking.

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