When you join Resource Guru you will start to receive daily schedule emails. These emails are only sent on working days, so you won’t be disturbed by them when you’re not working. The emails will display your bookings for the day ahead (whether you are a resource or a booker), as well as any waiting list or tentative bookings that you’ve made.

If you have sufficient permissions, you’ll also see your team’s utilisation rates as well as any upcoming time off.

Switching off daily schedule email notifications

If you’d prefer not to receive the daily schedule emails, you can turn them off in your Settings.

To turn the emails off, visit your Settings and untick the box next to Email me my schedule every day. If you’d like to turn them back on again, just tick the box.

Removing time off from the daily schedule email

If you would prefer your resources not to see time off in their daily schedule email, you can remove it by setting their Time Off permissions to No access. If they have access to the Schedule they will still be able to see time off there, but they won't be able to add time off via their own personal Dashboard, and there will be no time off events included in their daily schedule email.

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