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Discover how to add overtime with one click and see how it disappears like magic ✨ when you no longer need it.

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If people sometimes work outside of their normal hours you can use Resource Guru to keep track of their overtime. Tracking overtime is a great way to make sure that people aren’t overloaded on a regular basis. It helps you foster a healthy, happy work environment where there’s a lower chance of staff churn and an increased chance of project success - all things that are really important to us here at Resource Guru.

Here's how it works

If you try to book someone when there’s insufficient availability, you’ll see a Booking Clash with the options to Add With Overtime or Add to Waiting List.

Selecting Add With Overtime will automatically increase availability for that day to accommodate the booking and flag extra hours as overtime. The overtime is elastic, so if you later move the booking, the overtime will automagically ✨ be removed from that day and be added to the new day if that’s what you want. Pretty neat eh?!

You can usually identify overtime in the Schedule by a red bar that appears on the Availability Bar along with a red background on the date. Please note that the red bar doesn’t appear if there’s more than 8 hours of free time. But you can always view overtime details by hovering over or clicking on the Availability Bar.

Manual changes

Overtime can also be added or removed manually by dragging the slider in the popover on the Availability Bar. Please note that only booked time can be flagged as overtime.

Adding overtime to weekends or other non-working days

When you add a booking on a weekend or non-working day, you will see options to either add the booking to the Waiting List or add it with overtime.

If work added on a weekend is not considered to be overtime, you can simply remove it with the slider.

If you create a booking which starts or ends on a non-working day and spans multiple non-working days, bookings on all of the non-working days will be added with overtime or to the Waiting list, depending on the option you choose.

We would urge you to track overtime where appropriate to ensure colleagues aren’t being overworked.

Please use this feature wisely!


All overtime appears in the Reports, allowing you to keep track of who’s overloaded and where you have insufficient resources. Tracking overtime in this way helps you maintain a healthy, happy workplace 🙂.

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