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Click on an existing booking in the Schedule, and then click on any field to edit it. Click Save to save your changes.

Please note: You will need sufficient permissions in order to edit bookings. Please contact an administrator in your account if you need increased permissions.

Editing multi-day bookings

To edit a single day of a multi-day booking, click on the day you want to edit, then click the three dots in the top right corner to display the Options menu. From here, choose Edit [date] Only to edit just the date you clicked on.

Guru Tip

Click View Activity at the bottom of the booking window to view a log of changes for each booking. The activity log will display changes to the date, time/duration, project/client, and people/resources. You’ll also be shown when each change was made and who was responsible.

Split multi-day bookings

You can split multi-day bookings—which comes in very handy if you just need to edit specific parts of a booking. 

Hover between the two dates where you’d like to split the booking. When the dotted line appears, just click and then choose Split booking, or Cancel to go back.

Editing repeat bookings

When you edit a repeat booking you’ll have the option to edit This event only, This and following events or All events.

Just like non-repeating bookings, you can still extend and contract repeating bookings.

Editing multi-resource bookings

If you edit a multi-resource booking, the change will be applied for all of the resources who have been booked.

To add people or resources to (or remove them from) a booking, click on the booking and then click on the People or Resources field in the Booking window. From here you can remove or add people and resources.

For bulk changes, click on the options menu in the resources window to clear the current selection or assign the booking to a specific group of resources, such as all people or all currently filtered resources.

Click on the main options menu to delete a multi-resource booking. You can choose whether to delete it for the selected resource or for all resources. Within this menu you can also split the booking if it spans multiple days, or switch the booking to a specific time or duration booking.

Editing bookings which require approval

When the approval workflow is enabled and a non-approver edits a booking which has previously been approved or declined, the booking will go back into a Pending state, and will need to be approved or declined by either a designated approver or an Administrator in the account.

Drag to move

Move a calendar event to another date or resource by clicking and dragging it to the new location.

Extend and contract

To extend or contract the length of a calendar event by one or more days, hover over the end of the event until you see the resize cursor, then click and drag to set the new date range.

Archived projects/clients

If a booking is associated with an archived project/client, you will not be able to edit it and you will see a notification saying “This booking can't be edited because the project or client has been archived or deleted.”. However, you will still be able to delete it if necessary by clicking on the kebab menu (3 dots).

Guru Tip

If you extend a booking and release over a weekend or non-working day, you will see the option to add the booking with overtime or add it to the Waiting List. If you add it with overtime, you can easily mark it as normal time using the overtime slider.

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