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Using Custom Fields: categorize Projects & Clients by status, estimate hours, and more
Using Custom Fields: categorize Projects & Clients by status, estimate hours, and more
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Please note: You need to have Administrator permissions to manage custom fields. Please contact an Administrator in your account if you need increased permissions.

Every company has its unique ways of managing projects and client relationships. To support this, you can add custom fields to project and client forms.

For example:

  • Add a Status field to projects to easily monitor progress

  • Add an Estimated Hours field to record how long similar projects should take

  • Compare estimated Hours against the actual hours logged by your team via Timesheets to improve forecasting accuracy over time

  • Use Location or Region to help identify which team owns a project and which resources should be assigned

You can create:

  • Single-select options - Add one Custom Field option, eg. London to location

  • Multi-select options - Add multiple Custom Field options, eg. London and New York to location

  • Free text fields - this is a free text field which, for now, is only applicable to bookings, projects and clients

Once a custom field has been created it will appear on the project/client form within the Projects & Clients section, or when opening a project/client from within the booking form in the Schedule.

Applied custom field options will also be shown on the booking form when viewing the project/client in the Dashboard and via synced calendars such as Outlook and Google Calendar.

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