Using Custom Fields: categorize bookings by priority, status and more
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Please note: You need to have Administrator permissions to manage custom fields. Please contact an Administrator in your account if you need increased permissions.

Custom fields can be used to categorize and highlight bookings in a way that aligns with your own specific workflows. For example, you might want to track booking statuses, highlight the priority level of each booking, or apply rate codes for payroll purposes. With custom fields, the opportunities are endless.

You can create single select, multi select or free text custom fields for bookings. Once a custom field has been created it will appear on the booking form within the Schedule, and any fields that are applied will be visible on the bookings themselves.

Applied custom field options will also be shown on bookings in the Dashboard, in email notifications, and via synced calendars such as Outlook and Google Calendar.


Download detailed copies of your reports to start analyzing bookings using the custom field data. For example, if you use custom fields to add rate codes, you can use the downloaded reports to quickly filter all bookings that are being charged at a particular rate. Custom field data for bookings will appear in the Bookings Data CSV, and the Bookings Data tab of the main XLSX report.


You can access booking custom fields via our API, making it easy to sync important data, such as booking ID numbers and rate codes, with the other tools you use to run your business.

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