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Adding bookings on weekends and non-working days
Adding bookings on weekends and non-working days

How to create bookings when your resources aren't normally available

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There are times when working on a weekend is simply unavoidable. Plans sometimes go haywire and deadlines need to be met. So, we’ve made it easy to allocate work to people on non-working days.

When you add the booking, you will see options to either add the booking to the Waiting List or add it with overtime.

If work added on a weekend is not considered to be overtime, you can simply remove it with the slider.

If you create a booking which starts or ends on a non-working day and spans multiple non-working days, bookings on all of the non-working days will be added with overtime or to the Waiting list, depending on the option you choose.

We would urge you to track overtime where appropriate to ensure colleagues aren’t being overworked.

Please use this feature wisely!

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