Inviting people into your account
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People are happier and more productive when they can log in and start the day knowing exactly what they should be working on that week. Inviting people into your account so they can access their own personal dashboards is easy. You can send an invitation while you’re adding them or at anytime in the future.
To invite someone while you’re adding them, please see the relevant section in Adding people and non-human resources.

Please note: Our pricing is based on the number of people you add to your account, whether people are invited or not and regardless of their permissions. This means that you won’t be charged an extra fee if you later invite someone who is already in your account, or if you increase anyone's permissions.

To invite a person who’s already been added to your account, click on their profile in the Resources section, then click Invite.

Guru tip

If someone hasn’t received their invitation, you can always re-send it. Just click on their profile in the Resources section then click Re-send invitation.

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