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Using custom fields to categorize resources by skills, department, and more
Using custom fields to categorize resources by skills, department, and more
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Please note: You need to have Administrator permissions to manage custom fields. Please contact an Administrator in your account if you need increased permissions.

Custom fields work in conjunction with filters so that you can categorize your resources using any criteria you define. When you add a resource, you’ll see an integrated custom field called Job Title, but you can create whichever fields are relevant for your business, such as “Skills,” “Location,” or “Department.”

Click on your name in the top right corner of the app and then click Settings. Then click on Resources in the vertical menu, then click the Custom Form Fields tab followed by Add Custom Field.

  1. Enter the Field Label. This is the name of the label you’ll see on the New Resource form (for example “Skills,” “Location,” or “Department”).

  2. Enter the Options you’d like to add. If your Field Label was “Skills,” you might want to add options like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc. When you add a new resource you can tag them with as many of these options as you like, so don’t worry if multiple options apply.

  3. Select which Resource type (or types) the custom field will apply to.

  4. Tick the Required box if completing the field should be mandatory. Leave this box blank if it’s optional.

  5. Click Add Custom Field to save.

Editing and deleting custom fields

Hover over the right-hand corner of the custom field and click Edit or delete.

Removing the Job Title field

It’s not possible to delete this integrated custom field, but you can follow these steps if you’d prefer not to see it when you add a new resource.

  1. Click Edit on the Job Title field.

  2. Deselect Person within the Show this custom field on these resource forms section.

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