Sometimes you need to make a one-off change to a resource’s availability, e.g., if someone’s planning to work over the weekend. If it’s a one-off change, then it’s important to make these changes directly in the Schedule instead of editing a resource’s Normal availability. This ensures that the change is not permanent and doesn’t affect dates far into the future.

Please note: You will need Administrator permissions in order to create availability exceptions. Please contact an Administrator in your account if you need increased permissions.

To make a one-off change to availability, you’ll need to make sure the Availability Bar is visible. On the date you want to edit click on the Availability Bar, or click and drag to quickly make  changes to multiple days, and then click the edit button in the top right corner of the popover.

Click in the time fields to edit the times the resource is available. To remove a time block, click on the relevant cross. To add a new time block, click the plus button. You can add multiple time blocks for each day if you need to include breaks.

If you clicked and dragged over multiple days, you’ll have the option to select which days the change/s should apply to. Once you’ve made your changes, click Save.

Click on the three dots and then choose Reset to Normal Availability to reset the hours you’ve entered.

Elastic Overtime

Another way to increase a resource’s availability is to use the Elastic Overtime. This is by far the easiest way to make occasional changes to availability based on increased workloads.

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