Identify areas where demand outstrips availability by sorting the resource list by the Waiting List column. With this enhanced visibility, you can identify areas where you need to take corrective action, e.g., by hiring freelancers or adjusting project schedules to match resource availability.

You can also sort by any of the columns. For instance, just click the Total Scheduled tab to see who’s been booked for the highest number of hours. Or, click Overtime to see who’s taking on the most extra hours.

This same technique can be used in your Project and Client reports to see where the most time has been booked, or which project/client has the most Non-Billable hours, for example.

When it comes to overtime, the Overtime column will show you how much overtime your resources have been scheduled for. Please note this might not be the same as the total number of overtime hours they have available. For example, someone may be available for 5 hours of overtime, but if they’ve only been booked for 2 hours of overtime, then 2 hours would be displayed in the Overtime column.