Click on an existing booking in the Schedule to edit it. If the booking is a multi-day booking, click on the day you want to edit and you’ll be given the choice to either edit the entire booking or just the date you selected.

Please note: You will need sufficient permissions in order to edit bookings. Please contact an administrator in your account if you need increased permissions.

Split multi-day bookings

You can split multi-day bookings—which comes in very handy if you just need to edit specific parts of a booking.

Click on the date you’d like to use as the start of the new split-off section; you will see the following options: Edit booking, Split, and Delete. Choose Split and then click OK to confirm. The booking will then be split at the date you first clicked on.

Guru Tip

When you click on a date to split a multi-day booking, make sure it’s at least one day after the start date of the booking. This is because the split point separates the day you click on from the dates that come earlier in the booking. In other words, there’s nothing to split earlier than the first day because there’s nothing there!

Another way to split bookings is to click Edit booking and choose whether to edit the entire booking or just the selected date. Editing the selected date will split the booking into multiple blocks.

Drag to move

Move a calendar event to another date or resource by clicking and dragging it to the new location.

Extend and contract

To extend or contract the length of a calendar event by one or more days, hover over the end of the event until you see the resize cursor, then click and drag to set the new date range.